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A castle and a Roman bridge; a natural park with caves with the possibility of climbing to more than 50 meters in depth and factories of hundreds of varieties of teas; wild orchids, dinosaur footprints, blue quarries and river pools.

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The best of MEIO

At MEIO we favor products, people, culture, histories and traditions in the region. This local inspiration is the starting point for many of the programs that we propose, due to the diversity, genuineness and exclusivity that we want to provide to those who visit us.


So much to discover

Alcanede is in the center of Portugal, a country with a capacity to surprise more and more the world. Up to a maximum of 50km, discover the sea that gave birth to the most famous wave in the world, in Nazaré; feel the appeal of the paths of faith, visiting the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora de Fátima and the Santíssimo Milagre, in Santarém, or walking along one of the oldest trails on the Santiago roads; be part of history, visiting Batalha Monastery and Vila-Chocolate, Óbidos.

Find out what you can discover, taste or do in the surroundings during your stay in Meio.

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